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About Me

My name is Jojo Mariano. I have this relentless passion for outdoor activities. My vision is to be a "go to website for newbies" (like me when I started) about boating, fishing, and camping in the Philippines that talks about the basics, sound advice and tips. So I proudly present to you SPEEEDBOAT NI JOJO Boating and Fishing BLOG.

The objectives are:


1. For boating -- To share some of my speedboat mods and ideas, where to go boating, where to launch /boat ramps around Luzon, where to go for maintenance, and safety.

2. For fishing --  To share information on where and when to go fishing, the basic gear to start with, the right lure for your target fish, where to buy fishing equipment, what bait to use, where to buy live baits, how to keep live baits alive, contact numbers of bankeros or boat rentals and a thing or two about sustainable fishing practices.

3. To do product unboxing, tests and reviews.

4. To feature Pinoy Anglers, their weapon of choice, what they have in their tackle boxes and their favorite fish to catch and cook.

5. Directory - a listing of tackle shops, boat shops and service centers, and bankeros /boat rentals.

6. Forecasts - websites I go to when planning a trip for weather forcasts, solunar activities, tide table and moon phases.

I aim to blog on a bi-weekly basis and produce a VLOG once a  month so don’t forget to type in your email below to subscribe to Speed Boat ni Jojo updates.

Thanks for visiting my blog site! Tight lines and fish on!

Contact Me:

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