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The Search for a Boat Ramp in Tanza, Cavite - 2019-03-17

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

After my failed search in Ternate, here I go again, searching for a place to launch and retrieve my speedboat safely in Cavite.

My objectives now are:

1. To find a place in Tanza to safely launch and retrieve my speedboat, safely leave and park my SUV with trailer and reach Puerto Azul and Caylabne Bay fishing grounds as economically as possible with a max total distance of 15 km or less from boat ramp or in this case, any beach front property that can be accessed directly from the main road.

2. To find a place in Cavite City to safely launch and retrieve my speedboat, safely leave and park my SUV with trailer and reach the fish corrals (baklad) along Bacoor to fish for Threadfin Salmon known locally as Mamale.

How I qualify potential places to launch my boat is simple:

1. It should have roads wide enough to safely pass through with my speedboat trailer in tow.

2. It should have direct access to the beach, clear of obstacles.

3. The place should be safe enough to leave the SUV and Trailer; where you can easily hire someone to look after the vehicle.

4. Distance between the resort /beach front /boat ramp and the fishing spot should be less than 20 km. These equates to under Php1,000 worth of fuel roundtrip. The more economical it is, the more sustainable this hobby gets to be.

5. Ideally, the place should have shower facilities, but like what we've experienced in Lumot Lake, not necessary.

Thank God for Google Earth Pro! It really made life a lot easier in finding potential locations for launching and retrieving the speedboat and in measuring the distance to target areas of interest to check feasibility of location. Especially when Street View is available, which helped a lot when I was searching for a boat ramp around Lumot Lake.

One of those candidate areas in Tanza to check out is the stretch of beach near Tanza Oasis Hotel and Resort. So after hopping into my SUV, I quickly entered "Tanza Oasis Hotel" into the Waze APP on my iPhone and it immediately displayed the total travel distance of just around 33 km away with an estimated travel time of just 50 minutes. In perspective, for me to enjoy the sea or lake and go fishing, it usually takes me 3 to 4 hours to get to either Anilao (114 km away), Nasugbu (109 km away) or Lumot Lake (100 km away)... So finding a place to launch my boat here would be a true EUREKA moment!

Sunday traffic was such a breeze. I took NAIX and then exited to CAVITEX. Please be warned that Sundays are SPEED TRAP days in both NAIX and CAVITEX (yes, CAVITEX na din!`), so stay within Max speed limits.

Please be warned that Sundays are SPEED TRAP days in both NAIX and CAVITEX (yes, CAVITEX na din!`), so stay within Max speed limits.

Upon reaching Barangay Capipisa around 8:30AM, instead of turning right to Tanza Oasis Hotel and Resort, I turned left, hoping to find an opening to the beach. I got so disappointed upon finding out that the wide open area Google Earth Satellite Imagery showed is now a newly built Mini Terminal /Port where stacks of Container Vans can be seen. Bummer!

Still very determined to find a beach access, I pushed on and passed by all these make shift cottages and saw no direct access to the beach until I reached a dead end. Oh wow.. So now what?!

I made a quick U and stopped at the side of the road to check Google Earth and Waze Apps... I was now thinking of heading back and proceeding to the next candidate spot, which would now equate to almost 30km away from my target Puerto Azul and Caylabne fishing spots... as I traced back my route and headed back to the main road, I tried looking carefully through the beach cottages again in case I missed something. At the back of mind, I was still hopping to find a direct access to the beach, when suddenly, I saw this!

EUREKA! And what's best about the place? The ones taking care of it have experience in deploying and retrieving boats at this beach! Winner!

L to R: Bubuy and Bong, caretakers of the beach property.

This is Gerald, son of Bubuy. He can be reached through +63.945.703.23.35.


Set Waze or Google Maps to ZRC Training Center Philippines, Inc. Kanluran, Tanza Cavite. The access to the beach is directly across the training center. Or, you can input the following GPS coordinates directly to WAZE: 14.355164, 120.787367

Mission accomplished! Kinalimutan ko na muna paghanap ng boat ramp sa Cavite City. I'll just reserve the search for a ramp in Cavite City for another day. As for now, time to rock and roll!

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