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The Search for a Boat Ramp in Lumot Lake - 2019-02-10

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

I woke up around 4:30AM to get my fishing gear and boating stuffs loaded and left Fort Bonifacio around 5:15AM. Joining me in this trip is my housekeeper and boat caretaker Julius, so that I have someone to assist me in launching the speedboat in case we find a boat ramp or a place to launch from. If you've read my previous blog about our search for a boat ramp in Ternate, he was also with me in that failed trip. Failed because we did not find any boat ramp or beach resort to safely launch the speedboat from and fish in that area.

Petron SLEX

First stop was Petron SLEX , topped up the boat's gas tank with XTRA unleaded and loaded Php2,000 worth of diesel fuel on my SUV. Had my SUV's tires checked, making sure they are all 30psi and the trailer's tires at 35psi. Bought hotdog pandesal, two bags of ice and drinks. I asked Julius to buy breakfast from McDonald's. But after 10 minutes of waiting in line I called him and asked him to abort. In case you encounter the same long lines at the counter and drive through with too many vehicles lined up awaiting their turn, try the McDonald's at Caltex after Sta. Rita exit. Another option would be, if you're heading to Batangas, is McDonald's at the STARTOLL Petron Station. Or if you're heading to Calamba, there's a McDonald's branch at the intersection coming from Ayala Greenfield Estates Calamba bypass road.

Ok, so after our pitstop at Petron SLEX, we then exited Canlubang (CLASS 2 TOLL FEE from C-5 to Canlubang with one-axle trailer is Php429 one way) and headed to Ayala Greenfield Estate where, as I just mentioned in the previous paragraph, there is a bypass road that you can take to avoid Calamba traffic. Unfortunately, to my surprise, they don't allow vehicles with trailers in tow to pass through (WTF?!). The guard said, only private vehicles are allowed and showed me a sign, trucks and buses, delivery vans and horse drawn carriages are not allowed to pass through. The guard actually considered my towed speedboat as a type of "horse drawn carriage"! Annoyed with the logic of those who thought about this rule or the way the guards interpret it, hindi ko na pinatulan yung security guard, hahaba lang ang diskusyon at sisirain ko lang araw ko. He's just doing his job. So I made a u-turn and headed towards the other old bypass road which takes you to pass through Calamba Plaza and Calamba Municipal Compound. And lucky for me, no traffic. Then upon reaching Los Baños, it started to rain. It's the type of rain we call ulang mayaman, it's like slow drizzle with no break in the clouds, no end in sight. Bummer. Of all days. why now?

Please note: Ayala Greenfield Estate does not let vehicles with trailers in tow to pass through the Calamba bypass road.

We finally reached Barangay Lumot around 8AM, still drizzling a bit, that's approximately 3 hours total travel time for 100 km distance. I was averaging 80 kph and 20 kph when through towns and when following tricycles that should be banned from National Roads. If it were not for the SLEX Petron pitstop where we spent 30 minutes, and slow moving tricycles hugging the roads, it would have just taken us two hours based on Waze estimate. Doing a technical stop at Petron is something I feel that is very necessary to check tire pressure, trailer tail light connections, trailer hub nuts etc for safety.

Lumot Lake Boat Ramp

Lo and behold, there's a boat ramp! The only fee I was required to pay is for the whole day parking which is just Php100! Days of planning and checking Google Earth and Street Views of Barangay Lumot paid off! What gave me high hopes was a picture I saw that showed a boat on a trailer being lowered down a ramp with a background that looked similar to the area I was suspecting that would have a boat ramp. For those who plan to bring their speedboat and use the ramp, please be warned that the ramp is a bit steep. I will measure the angle of inclination when I go back to Lumot Lake again this February 16, Saturday. What I can only say at this point is I had to engage my SUV into 4x4 low to be on the safe side. Having new handbrake pads and tires also added to my confidence in launching the boat.

After our usual prep involving transferring of cooler and bags onto the boat, removing trailer lights, screwing in the the drain plug cover and removing the tie cables, speedboat was on the water 8:15AM. Got so excited seeing all the fish icons being displayed on my Lucky Fish Finder! We were just near the boat ramp area and to think that I have configured the fish finder to display large fishes only, it was like a eureka moment! So excited, I immediately started setting up my fishing gear. When I was ready to put the live shrimp bait on the hook, I then motioned to open the OROCAN cooler box that I had modified the previous night (I modified a Php600 Orocan cooler and attached a Php980 battery powered aquarium air pump I bought from Lazada, drilled two holes for the hose to pass through, to aerate the water and keep the shrimps alive. I was shocked to see the live shrimps now turned ORANGE and DEAD RED! They got cooked in transit! Oh no! I forgot! It's a cooler, it gets warm without ice inside! TOINK! I should have left the top open! Oh well, charge to experience. (As of this writing, I was able to get info where to buy LIVE shrimps in Barangay Lumot. More on this later.)

So we tried fishing, and we did not catch any in the first few hours of trying. I think it's the bait, we brought the wrong one for Lumot Lake. It should be live small shrimps that thrive in the lake (we brought salt water shrimps that are too big I guess) or artificial worm baits as we later learned when we approached a group of anglers on a bass boat powered by a Johnson OB motor. They were really friendly and offered us beer. I also learned they already caught two fishes that morning despite negative Solunar Activity forecast for the day which I am now finding irrelevant already when going out fishing. It's more related on the time of the day. The earlier the better.

Feeling hungry around 11AM, we tied the boat to a tree on one of the islands inside Lake Lumot to prevent the boat from drifting so we can cook properly inside the boat. We bought rice and eggs from Andok's along Calamba resort strip and bought the pork belly from a meat vendor along the road in the town of Victoria, left side near the police outpost before reaching the intersection. What I learned from the barangay tanods is you can freely park your boat and go onshore to any of the uninhabited islands and have a picnic, as long as you don't litter, start a fire and leave any traces behind to help preserve the place.

What I find so nice about the lake is the absence of rocks that can ruin your hull, damage your prop and paint. You can actually approach the shore or just drift to it without any fear of hitting any rocks. And the waves are not so bad, even when it was really gusting that day and intermittently raining. It's just like small ripples. Kaya pala pwede small boats na walang katig sa lake. And now I understand why bass boats can have a low profile and serve just like a platform for anglers. Safe sa lake! I feel like the KING of the lake with the type of boat I am using! :-)

Oh, by the way, there's one thing you have to be careful with when boating around Lumot Lake, watch out for swimming carabaos! We saw one who crossed from one island to another, with just its snout visible on top of the water! I was too amazed and totally forgot to take a picture or video!

Oh, by the way, there's one thing you have to be careful with when boating around Lumot Lake, watch out for swimming carabaos! We saw one who crossed from one island to another, with just its snout visible on top of the water! I was too amazed and totally forgot to take a picture or video!

After having a hearty meal, I almost dozed off, was enjoying the serenity and the breeze hitting my face. Just being there, at the lake, taking it all in is worth the trip. Catching a fish would be bonus already!

I would like to thank again The Boat Shop Corporation ( for sponsoring my speedboat's bimini top! Boating became more pleasurable and more relaxed with a roof that helps prevent the sun burning our skin the whole day and keeping us dry during rainy days. Tita Cora, Tatay Liloy and the rest of the gang, maraming salamat po ulit for this awesome gift!

Thank you Tita Cora and Tatay Liloy for sponsoring my speedboat's bimini top! Proudly Philippine made by The Boat Shop Corporation! This picture was taken at Tali Beach.

We tried fishing some more, with no luck, until I decided to call it a day and pack-up around 4pm. I aim to be more prepared next fishing trip, with the right bait (artificial worm and live shrimp) and be at the lake much earlier. Back at the boat ramp I met someone with a bucket full of Mountain Dew Neon Bottles and 3 large fishes he caught that day. The man went fishing using just a hook with a long shank (siwash hooks?), and a nylon line tied to an empty Mountain Dew Neon Bottle. He had several of these and planted them near the shore, just around the boat ramp area. His secret is using live shrimp baits, which he just sourced locally from a lake side restaurant, and being at the lake early in the morning. Imagine that, we dream of owning speedboats, owning a fish finder, buying expensive fishing gears, debate about the type of the right rod and reel combination, the type of main line and leader line to use, the right sinkers, swivels and hooks... and here's someone with a simple setup catching 3 fishes that day. LOL

Tindahan ng Itlog ni Kuya

On our way back home, we had dinner at Tindahan ng Itlog ni Kuya along the road at the outskirts of Victoria. I ordered two of their Mr. Duck Meal which comes with salted egg, sliced tomatoe and a cup of rice plus 3 Mountain Dews. While Julius tried the Adobo. I highly recommend what I ordered, the skin of the duck was crispy, duck meat was juicy and some parts also crispy. It somehow had an aphrodisiac effect on me come the following morning. I am not sure if it's the duck, or the tomatoes, or the salted egg, or the Mountain Dew or the fact that I was successful in this trip in finding a boat ramp. But one thing is for certain, I'm going back to Lumot Lake this coming Saturday and will bring 3 of my friends who are members of the CALABARZON Anglers Club!

Key Takeaways

1. Ayala Greenfield Estate does not allow vehicles with trailers in tow to pass through the Calamba bypass road

2. Lumot Lake has a boat ramp! Located at Barangay Lumot. There is just a Php100 whole day parking fee. No clean restrooms available, unless you pay entrance fee at one of the resorts in the area.

3. Bait to use: live shrimps - available locally through my Barangay Tanod contact REY 0919-806-2849 Php30 per takal. Another highly recommended bait for use are fake worms.

4. Ideal time to fish is very early in the morning. Alot 3 hours travel time and aim for 5AM or 6AM.

6. Local boat rentals (pump boats have roofs) are available for Php3,000.00 whole day.

7. LEAVE THE OROCAN COOLER OPEN ALL THE TIME TO KEEP THE SHRIMPS ALIVE! The Orocan Cooler I modified and attached an air pump to should be kept open in transit to keep the shrimps from overheating and alive. I chose OROCAN since it's the cheapest cooler available in Market Market, BGC, and it was designed in a way it's possible to keep the lid open. I would suggest to use a duct tape placed on the handle and cover to prevent the cooler from closing in case you hit a bump during transit.

Some reactions from CALABARZON ANGLER CLUB friends:

Rohtciv Lanecra Tungkol naman doon sa dala nyo pain na hipon, saklap namatay pala lahat. Isa pa naman sa effective na pain yon para sa bass. Na-try nyo na ba patulugin yon buhay na hipon sa pamamagitan ng paglalagay ng yelo sa cooler, tapos may strainer at wet towel. Isang mabisang paraan yon na nalaman ko rin sa mga kapwa anglers para tumagal ang buhay ng hipon.

Romarbal El Pescador Bro Jojo Mariano try mo din ang Caliraya Lake may boat ramp sa Surf Camp about 1 km away from Japanese Garden. Pwede kayo mag trolling using crankbaits, dalag at lmb ang mahuhuli minsan kumakagat ang knife fish.

Rio S. Calibjo Dapat hindi sasayad sa yelo ang hipon, nilalagyan ko basahan, tapos yong nasa ibabaw naman may takip din na towel na basa ng tubig dagat. Tapos wisik wisikan mo paminsan minsan ang hipon

Rio Calibjo's Shrimp Cryogenic Chamber. ©2019 Rio Calibjo

Jun de Guzman Two common rigs for bass fishing if using artificial worms, lizards etc. Ito gamit ko lagi..

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